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Mini Cats, Fiestaware, and Random Blogging

Monday, March 18th, 2013

My posts are pretty random these days, both in frequency and content. That is the way my life is at the moment.

Still packing and moving things to the new house, also pretty randomly due to things like snow!

(I would much rather be seeing more of these:

and less of the wet white stuff.)

In the course of moving so many things at different times, I am unpacking and reusing a lot of my boxes. I now have one room that looks a lot like this:

Of course, pottery is not the only thing I seem to collect, I rounded all the cats up (minus the black and white ones in the Fascination Station house) for a family photo.

A few days after I took that photo, I found a surprise, or I should say three surprises, spread around the living room floor.

Apparently, the stray cat I took in a little while ago was expecting. Silly me. I had just mentioned to my husband a few days earlier that she looked a little bloated. We were wondering if she was eating too much or had worms. Oops!

Sadly, mom was not at all interested in taking care of these guys and while I tried to feed them things just didn’t work out and they only survived two days. Sigh.

On a slightly happier note, it’s Menu Plan Monday!

I usually go on a cooking binge on Mondays to restock the fridge, but this week I think we will be primarily eating leftovers from the freezer. We will have:

Broccoli and Tofu Stir Fry (not from the freezer)

Yummy stuff and hardly any work – not too shabby.

Have a great week!


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