here is some autumn poetry most graciously donated by judith a.lindberg

fall haiku


topaz memory

floating on rainbow waters

tears and treasures, one


cloisonné carpeting

a bed of autumn rubies

stark topaz vision

stark topaz vision


fire-kissed forest bows

to white-winged fall wanderlust

secret reverence


artistry in flight

marvelous masterpieces

painting life lessons

awakening smiles


memories steeped in the years past,

moments that linger, asleep for a while,

but that awaken to visit our heart spaces.

like a soothing cup of tea, warm and cozy -

a reminder that we are loved.

so we smile, make a wish, and remember.

mood mix


beaches are sometimes solitary stretches

of endless sand, void of any human -

a time to walk and reflect,

to collect and contemplate,

picking up a polished stone,

tossing wishes to the stars.


beaches are comfortable,

havens of harmony when calm,

tumultuous and wild when stormy.


whatever the season,

beaches are a mix of mood and magic

in the endless, shifting sands of time.



bry-back manor