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i get a number of e-mails every week that ask very similiar questions about my games. i would like to try to answers some of those questions here.

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how do i unstuff the games?

how do i unstuff the games?

these games are bin-hexed files. you will need to have the application stuffit expander to unstuff them.


what is an .hqx file?

how to quit a part time jobIf you are bilingual or multilingual, you can become a translator and translate written documents or audio recordings. You can find translation jobs on websites such as ProZ, Translators Cafe, and Gengo. You can also create your own translation business and promote itwork from home part time jobs no experience needed

an .hqx file is a bin-hexed file. you will need to have the application stuffit expander to unstuff this file.


data entry keyboardNetwork with people in your industry and let them know you're looking for online part-time work.part time call center jobs from home near me

part time evening jobs from homeRemote work has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are now many options available for students looking for part-time work that can be done from home or anywhere with an internet connection.senior part time jobs from home

why am i having trouble unzipping your game?

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the file is a bin-hexed file not a zip file. odds are you have a non-macintosh computer. my games are currently for macintosh computer only.


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part time work from home uaeOnline tutoring is a flexible and lucrative part-time job at home option for people who have expertise in a particular subject. In this chapter, we will explore the skills and tools needed to become a successful online tutor. We will also provide tips on how to find clients, negotiate rates, and promote your services to potential clients.10 part time jobs for students

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why can't i get the file i downloaded to open on my ibm/pc?

the file won't open on your ibm because these games can only be played on a macintosh computer.


part time eveningIn today's digital era, there are plenty of part-time job opportunities available that can be pursued online. The best part about these jobs is that they require no investment and can be pursued from the comfort of your home. However, finding a job that requires no investment in publicity and promotion can be challenging. In this article, we will discuss a few online part-time jobs that require no investment in publicity and promotion.simple part time job at home


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your game seems to be missing an .exe file. can you send it to me?

the game file doesn't have an .exe file. it is a macintosh file and self-contained.


usb c data cable 3ftTips for Finding the Right Online Part-Time Jobpart time home based jobs for students without investment

will your games ever be available for a pc?

at this time the applications i use to create my games are macintosh only. if those applications ever become cross-platform, then i will happily create my games for both platforms.

online part time jobs genuineUse time-tracking software. Time-tracking software can help you keep track of the hours you're working, and can also help you identify areas where you can improve your productivity.linkedin part time jobs for students


do you know of anyone who creates games that are similiar to yours for a pc?

i can't personally recommend any similiar pc games. however there are many links on my lots o'links page that have games that are available for downloading for both computer platforms.

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How much are click farmsThere are many legitimate online part-time jobs available that don't require any investment in promotion and publicity. From virtual assistant to online customer service representative, there is a job for everyone. Whether you have a talent for writing, social media marketing, or data entry, there is an online job that is perfect for you. With a little effort and determination, you can start making money from home today.part time job opportunities

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