Make A Bûche de Noël




You Will Need:

Bûche de Noël patterns

A toilet paper roll (after you've used the toilet paper)

Crayons or Markers

School glue


Stiff Cardboard


Construction paper

Aluminum foil

A small paper plate


Step One - Print out the patterns.

Bûche de Noël Patterns


Step Two - Cut out the patterns. Color the circles so the resemble chocalate cake with a circle of whipped cream inside (see picture above). Color the stump brown. OR Trace the patterns (the circles and the log stump) onto brown construction paper and cut out. Cut a whipped cream center from white construction paper and glue onto the circles.


Step Three - Fold the stump into a tube gluing it together on the flap. Fold the flaps on the little circle and carefully glue them to the inside of the stump on the straight edge, so the circle forms a top to the stump.


Step Four - Color the toilet paper roll brown or cover it with brown construction paper. Fold over the flaps on the large circles and carefully glue each one to the inside of each side of the tube, to form the cake ends.


Step Five - When all the glue is dry, position the slanted edge of the stump onto the top of the cake roll. Put it where it looks good to you (see picture above for a suggestion) and glue into place. A hint: put down a circle of glue and let it dry slightly to help the stump stick better.


Step Six - Cut out a circle of stiff cardboard slightly larger than your cake. OR Use a small paper plate. Color it, decorate it with construction paper, or cover it with aluminum foil. Place your cake onto the center of your plate and glue into place.


Step Seven - Color and cut out the holly leaves or use them as patterns to cut leaves out of construction paper. Glue them where you want to decorate your cake.


Step Eight - Enjoy your very own Bûche de Noël!!



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