here is some winter poetry most graciously donated by judith a.lindberg

my winter friend


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snowman, snowman,

what's your name?

making you is like a game.

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snowman, snowman, winter friend.

i'm glad you came my way again.


one round ball for your head,

tied just right, a scarf of red,

perhaps a silver tie instead.


snowman, snowman, winter friend,

i'm glad you came my way again.


then your tummy big and fat,

two eyes of coal, a tall silk hat,

a carrot smile - i like that!


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snowman, snowman, winter friend,

i'm glad you came my way again.


bits of lace


snowflakes in the air,

winter everywhere.

jingle bells, sing noel,

special gifts to share.


snowflakes on the trees,

painting fantasies.

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wonderland, hand in hand,

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magic sight to see.


snowflakes on my face,

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little bits of lace.

decorations, celebration,

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downhill sledding race.


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it's christmas!




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bry-back manor