My Life Is Filled With Little Things

As I continue to pack and purge, I’ve discovered that our house is packed with little things.

Of course, there is the obvious – the drawers (and boxes and tubs and tubs and tubs) of my miniatures collection.

And the pile of houses I’ve already moved to the new place. (That wallpaper, by the way, is not my doing!)

But, I’ve been discovering little things everywhere. I found tiny toys that belonged to my kids stored in tubs. I see in our three desks containers of paperclips, push pins, and rubber bands. I open small metal storage boxes and find screws or nails or pennies. I dump out the “toss things in to be put away” baskets and find buttons and beads (or more screws, nails, or pennies). And so it goes in a house I’ve lived in for 30 years.

What is not little is the pile of stuff to get rid of and it continues to grow each day.

Since my kitchen also had some small things to purge (rubberbands and twist ties, for example), I thought I would go ahead and do a Menu Plan Monday.

This week we are eating:

Lentil Soup
Fried Rice with Broccoli
Penne with Quorn Tenders, Peas, and Alfredo Sauce (A comfort food for me.)
Ratatouille (If we run out of the above goodies before the end of the week.)

And more on the subject of little things, we have had unusually warm January weather and I saw this when I looked outside this morning. Yes, a crocus in mid January!

P.S. If you come just for the blog, please check out all the Winter Activity Pages and Snowman clipart over at Bry-Back Manor!

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