The Contemporary Ranch Kitchen, An African Safari, and More

Still sorting and packing which sounds really boring, but it actually feels good to see the progress. My dish cabinet in the kitchen now looks like this:

The flaw here is the my “less is more” husband stated that he really liked the cabinets like this. Oops!

Before I packed it up, I just had to try out the 70’s kitchen in the Contemporary Ranch.

Okay, picture it with some accessories and flowered wallpaper. Generally, I’m thinking it works. But, and it is a fairly large but, who puts the fridge in front of the window?

I love the outside look of the Contemporary Ranch, but I think if I did it over again, I would have kit bashed a little more to enlarge the rooms and have the windows make more sense. The odds of this really happening are pretty remote, however. It’s always on to the next project!

While sorting, I found some more of these little guys:

I found the antelope before and even put it in the Fascination Station house. It was exciting to see that I had a few more tucked away. African Safari anyone?

Since it is Monday I need to add a little Menu Plan Monday in here.

This week we will be eating:

Macaroni and Cheese
Shepherd’s Pie
Lentil Soup
Beans and Tofu Weinies

So many of my menus of late have been simple, cheap, and straight forward that I got a wild hair and made some Empanadas last week with a dough from scratch and everything. I used the Fantastic Foods Taco Mix for a base adding in all sorts of other goodies and it was a big hit! The one flaw is that now I have the song “Girl From Ipanema” in my head. One thing has nothing to do with the other, but there you go.


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