Menu Plan Monday – February 3, 2014

Is anyone besides me just tired of being cold? Okay, I guess not if you are living in Australia. On to Menu Plan Monday!

This will be a week of comforting casseroles.

First on the menu, Shepherd’s Pie. One of my husband’s favorites. I made my mashed potatoes from scratch with Yukon Golds.

I had a great crop of zucchini this Summer. So much that even I got tired of it and I love zucchini. So a lot went into the freezer. Being February, it seemed about time to pull some out and cook it up. (The zucchini has been making a few appearances in minestrone, but not as a main dish.) I looked at some recipes online and did my own variation. Zucchini with white sauce and herbed bread stuffing. Simple and basic.

Eggplant with cheese (just for me since my husband is not an eggplant fan) and plain old pasta with sauce round things out. And since I need (really, I need soup in the winter!) to have a soup for the week, Tortilla Soup is on the menu as well. Instead of the chicken I see in many recipes, I use sliced Quorn cutlets.

Wow! That’s a lot of food!

What’s on your menu?


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