Contrary to the picture, I am really picky about colors. As such, I make a lot of my own wallpapers. (Please do check out the modern wallpapers I created!)

While checking out an icon site I discovered this very nifty link – The Japonizer. Pick a pattern, pick your colors, and voila! You can download a pattern that can be used to make your customized wallpaper. The above was an art deco pattern done in black and white. (I unintentionally put it up upside down on a box for the picture – Yikes!)

A sidenote: I say a great big “NO” to “Yes” glue. This glue is often recommended to use when putting up wallpaper. It may work really well for some folks, but for me in humid summer Virginia the glue took way too long to dry and left unsightly brown spots on my paper. I am sticking to plain old thinned tacky glue – thanks!


Credits: Chest is Amazing Miniatures, Chair is Amatheria, Vases are ncshrimper on EBay.

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