A New Miniatures Blog!

So here it is! My brand new blog devoted to my mini fun (although I suspect real life will creep in here and there!). I am sincerely hoping that having a blog will keep me working on the numerous projects that keep piling up first in my head and then in my craft room.

I have ever so slowly been putting together a 1959 house inside the East Side Townhouse by Real Good Toys. Here is what I have so far.

The kitchen. I grew up with metal turquoise cabinets and a pink counter top. Here is my interpretation of that kitchen.

And here are the plain and fancy versions of my living room/dining room combo.

Some credits: Kitchen is Houseworks with the semi circular cabinets pulls custom ordered from the Virtual Dollhouse. Fiesta China from Sam Dunlap. (If anyone knows where I can get more of this, please tell me!) Mini Modernistas Sofa and Chair. Librenza, Coffee table, Side table, Patie (minisx2). Dining table kitbashed X-Acto. Dining chairs Modern Standard Chair from Miniatures.Com.

Coming Attractions:

Isn’t this delicious! This will go in the pink and gray apartment in the attic.

Chair and sofa by Kris Compas. Coffee table by Patie (minisx2).

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