Fascination Station – Captain There Be Roofs Here!

I had, what I consider to be, a very productive weekend. The structure is glued and the roofs are on. I also got the electrical tape in place and did a primer interior coat. That is a lot for me!

Am I the only one who thinks mini shingles are a tedious pain? In an effort to stop spending more money on this house, I opted to use some cedar shingles that I had lying (or is that laying – I never can get those two straight) around. I will say that the trouble was worth it, I like the textured look for this house.

I also managed to get my Christmas tree up!

My 2 foot high Christmas tree that is. I have a cat with more energy than necessary and decided against a big tree this year. What fun to find a purple one! And turquoise and green and bright pink ornaments! Ho Ho Ho!


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