You can celebrate Halloween here all year long!!



Come Visit - The Happy Haunted House

A spooky adventure to share.

Warning: Not for children who scare easily, but it's really pretty tame and sometimes silly.


Here are some Halloween Icons from Mary Lee Seward


Here's a donated package of really cute pumpkin icons for the trashcan

sent to me by Priscilla Showalter (




Some Halloween Kitties Clipart

Test Your Ghost Story I.Q.


A Halloween Poem

More Halloween Poetry


A Halloween MIDI Party

And Some Lyrics


Some Halloween Crafts

A Ghost Wreath

A Cat Candy Cup

An Oatmeal Container Witch

A Paper Twist Pumpkin

Halloween Activity Pages

Activity Page 6: A Jack-O-Lantern

Activity Page 7: Which Is Different?

Activity Page 8: A Halloween Maze

Activity Page 61: Which Witch

Activity Page 62: Help The Witch

Activity Page 63: Help The Ghost

Activity Page 64: Pumpkin Concentration

Activity Page 109: Find The W Words

Activity Page 110: Halloween Shapes

Activity Page 163: Match The Hats

Activity Page 164: A Halloween Counting Book

Activity Page 165: In A Dark Dark House

Activity Page 261: Which Gourd Is Different

Activity Page 263: The Pumpkin Patch

Activity Page 264: Make A Pumpkin Pattern

Activity Page 265: Ms. Pumpkinhead

What Is Samhain?


The Book of the Dead


Some Spooky Links



And Last But Not Least There's

Haunted DollhouseTime

Very similar to Dollhouse Time with a Halloween theme.

Click on everything for unexpected surprises.

Not recommended for children that scare easily. (1800k) Mac Only.

Plays in Classic or on older Macs.



Haunted Dollhouse Time Online





Bry-Back Manor/Holiday Fun