Some Summer Poetry


Here are some more poems graciously donated by Judith A.Lindberg for your summer enjoyment.


Sundown Memories


The languid, lazy summer sun

Brings a reverie of relaxation.

The beach days of yellow glint and ocean spray,

Tickling our toes and our imaginations.


I think of small daughters and days gone by:

Ice cream cones and wet bathing suits,

Blazing campfires and golden marshmallows,

Squirt gun laughter and library lounging.


I remember sharing daylight and fun

With two small giggling girls.

They are much older now,

But my sundown memories keep them forever tiny.  




To understand like the rabbit of velveteen,

To remember like a warm thought that lingers,

To share with a child, whispering night secrets,

To suffer from a tear that is real,

To believe in the magic of a flower,

To know that love never really goes away,

To hope that God does have a plan -

And at become the best of whatever we are.



Bry-Back Manor