That 70’s Living Room – Sorta Kinda

I just can’t stayed focused on the 70’s when I have so many fun pieces of furniture to try out. Here I combined the Mediterranean pieces with modern.

You can get an idea of how small these rooms are by the amount of furniture that fits, which is not much.

And a big Mea Culpa to the poor little animal that gave its life to make the Elf Leather Couch. I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years and I don’t wear leather, but I couldn’t resist the couch on eBay. Sigh.

I was doing some looking around and happened on this sideboard. I want one of these in 1:12 scale!

Time for more playing!


4 Responses to “That 70’s Living Room – Sorta Kinda”

  1. Neen says:

    I love the colors, very elegant!

  2. Cyd says:

    The wood furniture looks sooooo 70’s. The sofa is fab and timeless!

    • admin says:

      Mediterranean furniture was definitely 70’s. I saw that same end table in a decorating magazine from 1972. I was lucky to find it on eBay!