Menu Plan Monday May 28

Menu Plan Monday!

We have a busy week ahead AND it’s going to be hot. So our eating this week is simple and not too heavy.

On the menu:

Veggie Burgers and Fries

Veggie Sloppy Joes and Potato Salad

Sesame Salad and Tofu with Home Grown Cilantro

Veggie Chick’n Patties in a salad with honey mustard dressing

Wow, that is an easy week of cooking!

On a different note: I think we have a new cat!

This lady was hanging around the yard (I think there’s a sign in the woods that points to my house and says “good eats thataway”.) No one has claimed her so I guess she’s ours.

Miniaturists alert: I have some more goodies on eBay

Some circa 1982 Swallowhill Dolls made from kits.

And a mixed lot of odds and ends.

That’s all for today. What’s on your menu?



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