Menu Plan Monday June 4

Menu Plan Monday!

Last week was simple food. I put a little more effort into meals this week.

On our menus:

Split Pea Soup

Rustic Soy “Beef” Pot Pie

Kasha Varnishkes

Homemade Pizza with Tomatoes and Basil

We had a warmer than usual Winter this year and I was tickled that the basil I brought inside last Fall actually survived and thrived. I have plenty for all sorts of good things already and I planted more for this summer and pesto in the fall. Yum!

I was pleased as punch late last week when Elizabeth from Elf Miniatures contacted me. She wanted to put the picture of my kitchen on the Elf site.

Pretty Cool!


P.S. If you just come to read the blog, I want to let you know that I have all sort of free activity pages and more for young children on my main site: Bry-Back Manor. Check it out!

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