Menu Plan Monday, Avocados, and Cicadas

Menu Plan Monday!

This week we will be eating:

Cajun Style Red Beans and Rice
Baked Tofu in Barbeque Sauce w/ Mashed Potatoes

I also made some vegan chocolate chip bars. These were going to be regular chocolate chip bars, but I put them in the oven right before Call the Midwife last night. Big mistake. Don’t bake during a good tv drama. So that left me with not enough eggs for bars and tempura, hence vegan chocolate chip bars.

Growing season is on us and that always gets me excited about fresh herbs and other garden goodies. This year I was surprised to see that three avocado seeds I had stuck in random pot actually sprouted! Now I need to find out if I can get avocados from them. (Maybe that’s too ambitious for Virginia.)

So much for the quiet of country life. Do you have any of these guys where you live?

There is currently a steady hum all day long of frisky cicadas. And at night, the frogs are partying it up. Holy Cow!

Have a great week!


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Tis the season for Graduation Clipart!

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