Menu Plan Monday February 24

Happy Menu Plan Monday!

This week’s menu started with a trip to the Oriental Market. I went for some sesame oil and for some fried wheat gluten in a jar (that is just yummy in spite of what it sounds like). If I have the time, and I did last Friday afternoon, I like to just window shop. How I missed this before I don’t know, but there was a great big aisle full of all sorts of  (not expensive) dal.

Now, I usually shop at the Food Lion or Kroger, neither of which is known for an extensive Indian food section (at least where we live). So I grabbed a bag of masoor dal and a bag of chana dal to add to my purchases. Next step – find out what to do with them. After some googling and a lot of “ooh! that’s sounds good” I had a great big bunch of recipes to try. Then I got real and paired it down to just a few for this week.

So on the menu is:

Masoor Dal with Spinach (palak)


Cucumber Raita (no picture – it basically looked like yogurt with green bits – my husband loved it)

Aloo Paneer

And, not Indian “Chicken” Noodle Soup

I followed the recipe here to make the paneer myself. I didn’t have cheesecloth and tried using two yogurt containers to weigh down the paneer to form cubes. Didn’t work for me and I ended up using a kitchen towel and some fiesta ware and bags of beans. So my paneer was a little crumbly (note to self – get cheesecloth). Still tasty.

What’s on your menu?


P.S. Is it too early for St. Patrick’s Day goodies?

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