Hey! Isn’t This Supposed to be a Miniatures Blog?

Why, yes. Yes it is.

I have only been nibbling at the edges of miniatures with the move and such. I got a few new things like this super nifty Halloween chair from Kris Compass:

See how nicely it matches the stuff on my kitchen counters!

And Patie over at Minisx2 had a sale – bless her heart – so I was able to get this chair and table set I have been wanting for a while:

I also had a momentary lapse and got the Miniatures.Com contest kit. Maybe, just maybe, I will actually get something completed in time for the contest entry? I didn’t wait until November like I did with the Fascination Station. But, I am making no guarantees.

And I spent some time over this snowy winter (for us) trying to make some sense out of the room that will ultimately be my dollhouse/craft room. This is in the crudest of organizational states.

I am hoping to get it to some fancier place at some point in the future (after the living room, dining room, bedroom, laundry room, etc.). I even have a very rough Live Interior sketch:

A built-in platform for dollhouses with storage underneath, shelves, and a work spot. I have a plan at least.

So, I haven’t completely neglected minis.


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