Is It Spring Yet? Menu Plan Monday March 17

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! (I am ready for more green and less snow! This is Central Virginia – enough already!)

And Happy Menu Plan Monday!

Did I fix anything special for Saint Patrick’s? No, I’m afraid not. It seems I just did seitan corned beef recently (and so I am out of seitan) and my husband is not a cooked cabbage fan and there you go.

This is what we will be eating this week.

Chana Dal

The Apple Chutney I made last week will go well with this.

Macaroni and Cheese

And a big pot of Can Can Chili

Not overly exciting, but we will be back to house fixing if the snow ever melts and if it ever gets warm again (which it is SUPPOSED to do later in the week.)

I’ve been picking out paint colors to freshen up the walls. It has been an interesting experience. Not because I haven’t picked out paint colors before, but because I have to pick out NEUTRAL paint colors. I am so not a neutrals kind of gal. I semi cheated and went with what were labeled as Most Popular Colors at the Home Depot. And lots of plain white trim work. When the painting is finished, the house won’t look like we lived there any more and I think that will be a good thing.

What’s on your menu?


P.S. I know it will get here eventually. Check out some Spring Goodies at Bry-Back Manor.

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