Menu Plan Monday March 24/25

Menu Plan Monday!

And yes, I know it’s Tuesday. But yesterday I was over at the old house painting all day and not cooking. This painting thing is very slow. Primer and multiple coats of paint to cover up the old colors on the walls and trim. (Who paints with all those bright colors anyway? Oops, me I guess. And trim work with dentils? Oops, me again.)

On the menu this week is “Meat” Loaf (which I managed to make last night.)

And Pasta with Marinara Sauce (using up the last of the frozen tomatoes from last Summer’s garden).

And General Tso’s Tofu and Rice.

As a bonus, I made a lot of croutons over the weekend. We like our homemade better than store bought. They are not so darn hard and we like the flavor of rye bread or multi grain bread or whole wheat bread better than plain old white.

What’s on your menu?


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