Menu Plan Monday March 31

Another Menu Plan Monday!

On the menu this week:

Enchiladas Con Mole
Soba Noodles/Tofu/Peanut sauce
Falafel/Hummus/Pita bread
Scalloped Potatoes/Field Roast Apple and Sage Sausage

I actually did my cooking yesterday because we are off to paint again today.

But where are the food pictures? Well, after I finished cooking, I took a good hard look at everything and all I could see was brown. Mole – brown. Falafel – brown. Soba Noodles and Peanut Sauce – brown. Scalloped Potatoes – not brown, but I not that long ago posted a picture of scalloped potatoes and, let’s face it, scalloped potatoes does not merit a second picture.

How about some green pictures? I think of these as my dinners TO BE.

To be chili:

To be marinara with eggplant:

To be pesto with pasta:

What’s on your menu? (Or your menus TO BE?)


P.S. If you just come to read the blog, check out the Easter Fun at Bry-Back Manor!

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