Menu Plan Monday April 7

Menu Plan Monday!

I’ve written before on my Catzlover Cooks site about how I grew up in the 1960s and meals meant meat and potatoes. This week will be a little meat and potatoes flashback – veggie style.

We’ll be eating Shepherd’s Pie and Seitan Brisket (loaded with onions, celery, and red potatoes).

There are a lot of recipes online for seitan brisket. Wine, chipotle powder, all sorts of fancy out there. I used to cook for a Hillel and brisket (we’re talking 20 pound slabs of brisket here) was done with ketchup. Yep, ketchup. And it smelled amazing. So that is how I did my seitan brisket. And it also smells amazing. (And always tastes better the next day – just like the other kind.)

To finish things out for the week, Pasta and Pesto and Italian Herbs Tofu. Those white chunks are top are whole milk mozzarella that will melt into the pasta when it is reheated and will be ooey gooey yum.

I had some fun this week at the Huffington Post. They had a quickie quiz to determine how hardcore a vegetarian you are. My results:

I’d say that sums me up pretty well. <grin>

What’s on your menu?


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