I’d Rather Be Making Minis – Part Two

Well, the excitement never ends!

Due to a rather nasty storm in Virginia, we lost our power for 10 days (We are part of a very elite group!)

I still have this in my front yard.

That is a pine tree and an oak tree in an intimate embrace.

The good part was that we had the apartment we were fixing up to get water, shower, and store food. The bad part was 100 degree temperatures and only some battery operated mini fans.

A great big boo hiss for Appalachian Power.

We did manage to finally finish the apartment repairs.

See the new crown molding in the kitchen? No compound cuts! I think I saw Otterine do something like that in one of her dollhouses. Now I know why. It does not make you a crazy person when doing trim in an old, never square room house. Or a maybe not so square dollhouse.

So I have been a painting, trim working, get out the miter saw and the power nailer babe of late. But in 1:1 scale only. Sigh.



One Response to “I’d Rather Be Making Minis – Part Two”

  1. brae says:

    Nice to see minis influencing real life decorating! ;D The place looks great!