Menu Plan Monday – August 13

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Menu Plan Monday!

I actually have been cooking even if I am not posting menus. Let’s face it. Sometimes menus are functional, but boring. This week, though, the weather was not quite so hot and I felt inspired to put in a little more effort than just boiling pasta.

My meals this week:

Pasta Fagioli
Polenta (homemade) with Tomato Pesto
Herb Stuffing with Quorn Tenders
Spinach Souffle
Bonus: Some Brownies

Everything was made today and is sitting in the fridge. I really enjoy getting most of the food for the week done.

And, okay, the Pasta Fagioli was pretty easy. I really do love HamBeens soup mixes!

My husband and I have been continuing the outdoor work on our Victorian (1:1 scale). We have tilled and edged garden areas. Painted the front porch railings, cleaned up the yard generally, started to roof the porch, and started to make a paver path from front yard to back. Sadly, a bit of trama drama occurred last Saturday when my sweetie was cutting a leveler for the paver sand. Table Saw 1 My Husband minus 1 (finger tip that is). Yikes!

Still not doing anything in the way of minis. My poor Contemporary Ranch has essentially become a catch-all of late. Oh my!


P. S. If you come just to read the blog, I have a lot of back to school activities on Bry-Back Manor. Check it out!

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  1. Hey! That’s MY house! LOL. Very nice menu, though. Visiting from MPM.