Facination Station – I Can Finally Go!

I have finally finished the interior bones of the Fascination Station. The bathroom is done! My poor mini people have been waiting far too long for this room.

And the big picture of the whole house.

My entry title has a double meaning. I think it is time to move on to other projects for a while. Of course, I fully anticipate that I will be returning to the black and white house occasionally to play with furniture and accessories. In the mean time, I need to find a place to put this big house so I can reclaim my dining room/work table. <grin>

Speaking of space, am I the only one who is getting a little crowded out with prolific dollhousery? I am hoping one day to have a dedicated minis room. Unfortunately I don’t have one yet and the spare space we do have can only be accessed by a spiral staircase. (See the one is my house above. Don’t do this in real life!) I saw that Mini Mod Pod is dealing with her space issues by selling a very cool house on eBay. I’m not quite at that point yet. I guess I could quit buying and building – NOT! Oh well, who really needs a sofa?


2 Responses to “Facination Station – I Can Finally Go!”

  1. Cyd says:

    I do have a Mini space, but it is quite mini. At least it’s not in plain view. It’s in a tiny attic room with very low ceilings. If it were taller, I could go up! I love your b & w theme! Very cool! My husband would be happy if I sold all my houses…

  2. admin says:

    Thanks! The black and white was fun, but I think the next project is going to have lots of color.

    My husband has been extremely tolerant of my filling up our living room so far as long as he has a clear space to walk and a soft sofa. We will see how long that lasts.

    The house you have on eBay is super, by the way. I live in Virginia, however. A little far for local pick-up. 🙁