Fascination Station – Progress!

I worked like the dickens on floors this weekend and got almost every room fleshed out. I still have the bathroom to finish and then I strongly suspect I will set everything aside for a while. The Contemporary Ranch is calling to me!

Overall, I am pleased with, for me, how quickly this all came together. Two months is most definitely a record for me!

Enjoy the mini tour! (You will notice that my primary accessories are my cat collection – a little like real life.)

I’m not sure if I am going to keep that circular star. And I am definitely not sure about the fireplace. I really do like the Kris Compas furniture even if it does not technically fit into the black and white color scheme.

This is an Elf kitchen kit. The fridge is also from Elf and I really love it! Ridiculously clear counter tops here – what! no Cuisinart!

The bedroom a little more finished. Cats on the bed – the story of my life! The “aromatherapy” lamp on the table is battery operated. It is a bit large, but flashes all these nifty colors and I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.


Needs work. Sigh. A Nate Berkus trick of wallpaper in the shelving unit. I didn’t have anything I really loved to put on these shelves, so I stuck in some mini books. Cookbooks, Little House On The Prairie, and Shirley Jackson – now there is a combo! I have some different chairs on order for this room as well.

The bare bones of an office. Large empty shelving unit. Empty wall shelves. Empty desk. Now how long would all that be true in the real world?

In case you might be wondering, the cats are a mix of Anton Reve, Teresa Summers, Bridget McCarty, and Marlene West.

Now on to finish that bathroom!

OH!! I just want to let everyone know that the Modern Wallpaper is now a freebie. Please download and enjoy!


One Response to “Fascination Station – Progress!”

  1. Cyd says:

    It looks fab! I love the Elf kitchen, lucky you!